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  • The pilot test room passed the approval of China national accreditation service for conformity assessmentIssuingTime:2009-04-10

    From March 21 to 22, 2009, the testing room of the company center was carefully evaluated by experts and passed the second supervision and examination by the evaluation group of China national accreditation committee for conformity assessment.

    In this review, the group leader professor wang chengzhong and ji zhonghuangong, the technical assessor, conducted careful inspection and assessment on the quality system and technical capability of the central laboratory. CRB assessment teams gave full affirmation of central laboratory work, central laboratory quality system complete, system, coordinate, to obey and serve the needs of the quality policy, objectives and testing work, the organizational structure clear, reasonable internal responsibility assignment, basic effective service elements, quality system documents conform to the rule of recognized CNAS - CL01:2006 and application shows that CNAS - CL19: 2006 request, have the ability of self-improvement of continuous improvement, quality system normal operation, the management level and technical ability is review for the first time there are improved, and can pass the capacity verification, alignment between the laboratory activities to improve the skills of technical personnel and the level of detection, the quality of the laboratory activities under control


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