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  • Customer satisfaction questionnaire
    Name:Sir (madam)
    Thank you for reading this questionnaire, in order to improve our overall level of "fujian aluminum" products and services, and better serve our customers
    If you have any comments, please fill out and check this questionnaire. We will take your Suggestions seriously. For any complaints, please dial 400-918-6688 directly. Thank you for your support.Fuel together 2021!
    About minal products

    1. Product features

    2. Product appearance

    3. Product packaging

    4. Product price

    5. Product delivery

    About pre-sale service

    1. Comprehensive quality of business personnel

    2. Business person work attitude

    3. Customer requirements communication level

    4. Pre-sales technical guidance service

    About product sales service

    1. Service staff comprehensive quality

    2. Supply plan and order communication

    3. Customer visit frequency and attitude

    4. Bill receiving and reconciliation service

    About product after sales service

    1. Customer return frequency and quality

    2. After-sales technical guidance service

    3. Timeliness of feedback to customers

    4. Satisfaction with complaint handling

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